Instant, Personalized Customer Service Experience via The Journey Pebble - The Hotel of Tomorrow

A clip from Ep 31 of The Proven Principles Podcast, Ron Swidler explains the journey pebble and how it will make your hotel stays so much better.

This is a part of a larger presentation on the Hotel of Tomorrow. Check out the full podcast to hear all of the new ideas coming soon to a hotel near you!

About Ron

Since joining The Gettys Group as its first hire in 1988 - an Interior Designer, Brand Strategist and intrepreneur - Ron has pioneered new approaches to experience design and collaboration. His latest venture was relaunching Hotel of TomorrowTM Project, an industry-leading think tank reenvisioning the future of hospitality in light of the pandemic. The result has been breakthrough ideas, contributed and shaped from around the world, all through digital workshops.


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