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Great show!
Adam and his incredible guests shine the brightest lights on the hospitality industry and those inside of it! Bold, engaging, and insightful are just a few words I’d use to describe the time you’ll spend with them. Thanks for putting out such a superb show Adam - keep up the great work!

Great Industry Insight
This is one of my favorite shows. The host speaks to hospitality experts who live and breath the industry and come at it from different perspectives.

Love the industry insider insights
Love the industry insider insights from all your guests.

Where Hospitality People Find Their Own
Sometimes as hospitality professionals, we need to just connect with others who are like us. Those who “just get it” in a way that you only can when you’ve been through the unique exhilaration and exhaustion that only this industry can bring. The Proven Principles podcast is just such a place. It’s a space to learn, grow and share. Adam is a true professional and a great ally to the industry. So grateful for his pivot into this space!

Great podcast for hospitality professionals
The Proven Principles Podcast is a great resource for those who are building a career in the hospitality industry. The guests, topics, and conversations are very insightful and Adam is a fantastic host. Highly recommended!

Great podcast, well-prepared and insightful.
Adam is a great host and his podcasts are professionally done, well-prepared, and insightful. He has great guests and you will definitely learn something new each time you listen.

I never miss an episode
Each week the Proven Principles Podcast highlights compelling guests who share valuable information. I learn something new every week.

5 Star!
Adam Knight is an exceptional thought leader in the hospitality space. This is one of the best podcasts out there on the subject and a favorite on my feed!

Great insights and timely topics from diverse guests

5-Star Quality Podcast!
Adam handles his show the way that the best of the hospitality industry should handle its guests: with interest, care and commitment

Learn from the best 🛎
Host Adam Knight is one of the SMARTEST hoteliers out there who cares about this industry so deeply, and it shows in his episodes. You won’t regret tuning in, and you CERTAINLY won’t regret coming back 😊

Love It!
Thank you for producing content and being a good resource for people in the industry! Subscribed!

In depth conversation
Adam Knight’s interview style is intelligent and thoughtful. Not content to merely ask surface questions, but he digs deeper to the heart of a topic. He has a true passion for hospitality, one of the reasons I lobbied hard to be a guest. Worth a listen for sure!

Always Find Golden Nuggets!
I always find a golden nugget with the diverse guests Adam brings on! It’s great to listen on my commute and then use new insights for my team Huddle! 🍍♥️🙌

Deep knowledge, interesting guests!
Adam has a great deal of knowledge to offer on his own, but paired with his guests he brings us robust and relevant conversations that are full of value and spirit. If you are an aspiring hotel or property manager, don’t miss this podcast!

Navigating the world of hospitality is ever changing and Proven Principles keeps up with the times. There’s always sure to be a staple episode that will be evergreen but then the next week will be something hot off the press. It’s nice to not feel alone in the crazy love hate world of hospitality and Proven Principles helps focus on that light at the end of the tunnel.

So many diverse guests
I really like that there are so many different types of guests that all work in hospitality in one way or another. I had no idea that there were so many sides and skills in hotels. I’ve learned a lot from the show.

So informative in a time where there are so many unknowns
I’ve been enjoying this podcast and the types of guests that are being featured. Guests covering off on a variety of hospitality roles, providing insight into how to run a high quality hotel at every level. Plus the host has the perfect radio voice! Certainly doesn’t hurt.