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Deep knowledge, interesting guests!

Adam has a great deal of knowledge to offer on his own, but paired with his guests he brings us robust and relevant conversations that are full of value and spirit. If you are an aspiring hotel or property manager, don’t miss this podcast!


Navigating the world of hospitality is ever changing and Proven Principles keeps up with the times. There’s always sure to be a staple episode that will be evergreen but then the next week will be something hot off the press. It’s nice to not feel alone in the crazy love hate world of hospitalit…

So many diverse guests

I really like that there are so many different types of guests that all work in hospitality in one way or another. I had no idea that there were so many sides and skills in hotels. I’ve learned a lot from the show.

So informative in a time where there are so many unknowns

I’ve been enjoying this podcast and the types of guests that are being featured. Guests covering off on a variety of hospitality roles, providing insight into how to run a high quality hotel at every level. Plus the host has the perfect radio voice! Certainly doesn’t hurt.