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Alex Jarbo is a short-term rental
developer and manager. He
was born and raised in Detroit
Michigan. He served in the
Marine Corps for 4 ½ years
where he was stationed in
Washington DC apart of the
Marine Corps Honor Guard. He
left the Marine Corps at 22 years
old to pursue his career as a
real estate professional. He is
the founder and CEO of Sargon
Investments and he has a goal
of developing 650 cabins in the
next 3 years. Alex holds a MBA
with a concentration in Real
Estate Development and is
currently finishing a Doctorate in
Business with a concentration in
Leadership. He is the host of the
YouTube Channel Alex Builds
where he teaches the ins and
out of short-term development
and management.

Nov. 9, 2022

Starting your hospitality investment journey: Alex Jarbo, Sargon Inve…

Alex is a short-term rental developer and manager in Ashville, NC. A former Marine who found his way to real estate investing, he now runs Sargon Investments, a short term rental development company that is working on 650 cab...

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