June 24, 2020

Modern Revenue Management: Parul Suri

Modern Revenue Management: Parul Suri

We’re talking revenue management on this episode. More specifically, modern revenue management. With all of the changes in the hospitality industry today, getting your revenue strategy in order is more than worth the effort. Even if you think there’s nothing else you can do, Parul sheds light on avenues you may not have thought about that will elevate your thinking and broaden your horizons.

We cover several topics including:

  • What modern revenue management looks like
  • What hotels be doing now to prepare for the next 30 - 90 days
  • Parsing market segments and going after business you may not have looked at in the past
  • Competing against lager marketing spend that you have available to you
  • Common weak points in revenue management that owners / operators should have eyes on now
  • Resources to keep your revenue management skills sharp

About Parul

Parul is a strong advocate for the power of communication, that leads to meaningful and strategic transformations within organizations.  She is a strategic thinker with a flair to translate financial goals into operational plans. She firmly believes that revenue management as a skill needs to be more deeply engrained into the hospitality culture and has been promoting that for the last 15years.

Parul’s approach is to challenge the strategic processes while stimulating conversations with all stakeholders to push limits and rethink the future of revenue management, pricing and distribution within the hospitality sector. She is collaborative, sophisticated and profit-minded in her approach to revenue management and distribution. She has transformed teams throughout her 15-year career by empowering people to be self-leaders and encouraging them to spread the knowledge

She has a breadth of experience in yield management, distribution, pricing, RMS implementations, team development etc. and has worked in different regions of the world including US, Asia, Australia and Middle East with various brands.

LinkedIn: @parulsuri1207