Oct. 5, 2022

Insights from SiteMinder’s 2022 Changing Traveller Report: Jason Lugo, SiteMinder

Insights from SiteMinder’s 2022 Changing Traveller Report: Jason Lugo, SiteMinder

Jason is the Market Vice President for the Americas at SiteMinder, the world’s leading open hotel commerce platform.

The company recently released its 2022 Changing Traveler Report. Featuring insights from 8000 traveler interviews, it’s the largest accommodation-specific consumer survey on a global level, providing valuable insights into the full traveler journey. In other words, how guests dream, plan, book, experience, and share their stay.

We tackle 5 key insights from the report on this episode but most of the discussion centers on technology, because so many hotels are trying to figure out what guests want, how to incorporate these tools into their operations and, perhaps most importantly, how not to dilute their brands in the process.

This was one of those recordings that went quick so it’s a fast and tactical conversation. Jason does a great job breaking down relevant and actionable data and making sense of some of the more ambiguous challenges that hoteliers are facing.

About Jason

Driven by the transformative power of digital technology, Jason Lugo has established a career fostering growth and innovation within market-leading brands where he witnessed first-hand the potential of a cloud platform that offered intelligent and simple solutions to its users. 

In 2016, Jason joined the world’s leading open hotel commerce platform, SiteMinder, where he remains today, leading the company’s fast-growing footprint throughout the dynamic Americas region. His intimate understanding of the different landscapes and market trends that exist within each country has proven invaluable for local hoteliers looking to best compete for today’s traveler. 


Website: SiteMinder.com

2022 Changing Traveller Report: https://www.siteminder.com/news/changing-traveller-report-2022/


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