Oct. 7, 2020

Pivoting and The Future of Hospitality: Josh Kopel, Full Comp Podcast

Pivoting and The Future of Hospitality: Josh Kopel, Full Comp Podcast

Josh is the owner of Preux and Proper, Founder and CEO of FLO Hospitality and Host of the Full Comp Podcast; and this episode with him didn't go down the path I had initially planned - but it turned out far better than I could have hoped. In fact, that ‘pivot’ to something new ended up being the central theme of the show.

This is something many in hospitality are grappling with right now and Josh paints a detailed picture about his experience through the pandemic and the evolution that we need to push for in the hospitality industry if we want to see meaning change going forward.

On this episode we discuss:

  • Where it all started for Josh (4:30)
  • Asking for help (8:40)
  • What needs the change (10:06)
  • Recognizing when things don’t work for you anymore (12:17)
  • Leveraging and engaging the community around you (18:09)
  • How the Industry Guide to Restructuring for Restaurants came about (20:32)
  • What changes need to happen in the restaurant industry (24:10)
  • Why you’ve got to be flexible (28:50)
  • Where do the restaurants in downtown locations go from here? (32:20)

About Josh

I'm an entrepreneur, restaurateur and environmental advocate. Born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the spawn of bootleggers and retail giants, I was bred for the hospitality industry. Throughout my 20+ year career in food and beverage I have managed venues ranging from the Alligator Bayou Bar, located on Alligator Bayou Road, seated on Alligator Bayou (it was exactly how you’re picturing it in your mind) to the hottest Hollywood nightclubs, bars, and ultra-lounges (far less glamorous than you’re picturing it in your mind). I went independent in 2010, opening my first concept Five0Four—a New Orleans-inspired bar—on the Walk of Fame in the heart of Hollywood. Ten years later, we've created a family of brands ranging from Michelin-rated fine dining to fast casual, all with a central focus on Southern hospitality and Southern cuisine.

I have a ton to be thankful for. Not only have we been able to create sustainable concepts that have lasted for years, but those concepts have thrived. These victories were hard fought and there were a ton of mistakes and lessons along the way. In 2020, I've turned my attention towards new challenges. My newest project involves servicing the service industry. I look that the failure rate in our industry and I’m working to provide tools and strategies to give restaurant owners and operators a fighting chance.

As I challenge myself to keep learning and growing, I’m committed to improving the lives of my peers and showing the world the beauty of the hospitality industry.


Website: JoshKopel.com

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