July 13, 2022

The demographic effects on hospitality technology: Sebastien Leitner, Cloudbeds

The demographic effects on hospitality technology: Sebastien Leitner, Cloudbeds

Sebastien is the Vice President of Partnerships at Cloudbeds, an all-in-one hospitality management software platform.

A question I’ve been wrestling with lately is “can you provide luxury level service if hotels are moving to more self-directed experiences?”. We try to uncover the answer on this episode.

The pandemic has brought many challenges to the industry but something no one saw coming was how making everything contactless in the name of health and safety actually trained people to become more self-sufficient at almost any service interaction through the use of their phones. 

On-demand and personalized service delivery has been both the mantra and challenge for hotel companies for years now but, as guests expect more online and mobile services to be made available, we may now be seeing one of the biggest shifts in technology adoption that the hospitality industry has seen in decades. 

Not to mention how the evolution of job functions and staffing affect recruitment and retention of a younger workforce who demand best-in-class and ease-of-use for any tool they’re charged with using on a daily basis.

This is a fascinating space that deserves attention.

About Sebastien

Sébastien Leitner, Vice President of Partnerships at Cloudbeds, leads global partnerships and industry relations for the company.

Prior to Cloudbeds, Sébastien worked at Expedia in various roles managing lodging connectivity for independent and chain hotels as well as vacation rentals. After studying Hotel Management and Business Administration in Germany, Sébastien started his career in hospitality working for Le Meridien Hotels and Swissotel in various European capitals.

Sébastien has been a board member of HEDNA since January 2014 and is currently serving as President. Sébastien speaks English, German and French.





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