Sept. 22, 2021

The most effective way to approach upselling: Erik Tengen, Oaky

The most effective way to approach upselling: Erik Tengen, Oaky

Erik is the Co-Founder at Oaky, a hyper-personalised and automated upsell engine that helps hotels drive additional revenue through perfectly timed guest communication.

Front Desk upsell programs have existed in varying forms and effectiveness for years. Typically revolving around upselling room categories, many have relied on a front desk agents ability to quickly engage in providing an offer while at the same time going through a litany of brand standards while worrying about ringing phones and the ever growing line of guests forming in the lobby.

Oaky is a company on a mission to change this paradigm by using information you already have about your guest to engage them in a personalized and ultimately more effective way.

On this episode, Erik shares how the company came about, insights on consumer buying psychology and how some of the most successful hotels are approaching upsells today, along with several other topics.

If you’re looking for a more effective solution to drive additional revenue, focusing on a new way of approaching upsells may be the solution.


About Erik

Meet Erik: Co-founder at Oaky, a passionate public speaker, who is crazy about music and hotel technology. Erik’s speciality is to make other people enthusiastic and to dare. What makes him genuinely happy is inspiring others to break free of old habits and give their own visions a try. Talk to Erik about Hotel technology, Entrepreneurship, Presentations/Pitching, Golf, Skiing, and DJing.




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