May 13, 2020

#12: Elizabeth Baizer Raines - On Branding and Creating (or Clarifying) Your Story

#12: Elizabeth Baizer Raines - On Branding and Creating (or Clarifying) Your Story

On this episode we talk to Elizabeth Raines, Creative Director at EBR Graphic Design about branding.

This often misunderstood subject can be a huge challenge for businesses, with many not knowing where to start or how to clean up a poorly executed project.

We dive deep and discuss what people truly need to know when branding a business and common pitfalls that result in bad design, why it’s best to seek out the help of a dedicated designer rather than trying to do it in house and the value proposition that an outside designer brings when developing a logo or other company collateral. We also talked about what to look for when trying to find the right person to guide a company through the branding process and how organizations large and small can tell their story through well thought out branding and design.

  • About branding a business? (6:42)
  • What types of collateral should be considered (9:45)
  • What are you buying when you outsource branding and design? (14:53)
  • What makes for good/bad branding and design? (16:25)
  • What is the typical process for developing a brand story? (18:02)
  • How can companies ensure continuity of messaging, especially with multiple locations? (20:46)
  • What are “Brand Guidelines”? (23:00)

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A little more about Elizabeth

Elizabeth Baizer Raines is a graphic designer by trade and creative director for her business, EBR Graphic Design, a strategic creative design firm, with emphasis on holding true to what she considers “good design values.” With a start at Rhode Island School of Design, she has practiced for over 20 years in both her home city of San Francisco and her current home: Dallas, Texas. Throughout her career, she’s had a variety of significant and meaningful projects including those for boutique hotels, luxury retailers (such as Neiman Marcus), beauty retailers (such as Sephora and Mary Kay), and nonprofits (projects for world-class museums and highly sought-after civic projects, such as Dallas’ Trinity River brand, logo, and wayfinding). Her expertise in graphic design includes branding, corporate identity, advertising design, digital & traditional media, and environmental graphic design (including: signage and wayfinding).


Instagram: @ebrgraphicdesign/

LinkedIn: @elizabethbaizerraines/