May 28, 2020

#13: Clarence McLeod - On Service Fundamentals For The New Normal

#13: Clarence McLeod - On Service Fundamentals For The New Normal

On this episode Clarence McLeod, Director, Customer Experience at Silver Lining Marketing joins us to talk about how to navigate service delivery in this new age of social distancing and how returning to the fundamentals of anticipatory service will light the path ahead for businesses. Clarence has a wealth of knowledge and brings his real world experience to bare as he demonstrates tried and true methods of showing genuine care for people. He shows us how to adapt fundamentals like a welcoming smile for the new age of PPE covered faces and how a return to the basics will rebuild your foundation for success. A few of the topics we cover include: Anticipatory service Body language when typical visual cues are covered up by PPE Dealing with difficult situations Effective problem resolution Post experience engagement About Clarence Former Chef Concierge and Corporate Director of Fairmont Gold at Fairmont Hotels and Resorts. A leader in international hospitality operations, Clarence brings a touch of luxury to any industry he touches and helps them shine in delivering top-notch customer service. Clarence is an honorary member of Les Clefs d’Or Canada, and the only Guilded Butler in Canada. Clarence has been in service to celebrities, heads of state and royal families. In 2002 he served as Lead Aide de Campe for her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's Jubilee visit to Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada. A recipient of many service-based accolades Clarence has been featured in Time Magazine, the L.A. and Washington Times, and The Globe and Mail. In addition, he has made appearances on CTV's The Social and an ITV British Service Documentary. Clarence strives to create memorable moments and is an adamant believer in Maya Angelou’s adage: "People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." LinkedIn: @ClarenceMcLeod A little more about Silver Lining Marketing Guided by the hallmarks of great hospitality, we take brands from relevant to remarkable by increasing their emotional connection with consumers. CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE TRAINING EXPERTS: Guided by the timeless principles of hospitality, our training programs enhance customer experience and create brand connections. DATA-DRIVEN: We analyze digital behaviour and industry trends to identify white space opportunities that expand market share and drive new avenues for profit. DISRUPTIVE & CLEVER: Our strategies are insights-led, clever, disruptive and profitable. PARTNERSHIP STRATEGISTS: We deliver and manage purposeful partnership strategies as a cost-effective way to extend brand reach. SALES MINDED: Our programs and strategies don’t live in an ivory tower. They are all created to increase revenue and improve the bottom line. Website:


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