June 17, 2020

Getting Your Hotel Marketing Message Above the Noise: Josh Hogan

Getting Your Hotel Marketing Message Above the Noise: Josh Hogan

On this episode Josh Hogan, Principal at Hey, Hogan… a hotel sales, marketing and revenue management consulting company based in Silicon Valley, joins us to talk about what hotel owners, GM’s along with Sales and Marketing professionals can do to get their message out there and above the noise.

Josh has a wealth of knowledge and experience, and he brings real world tactics and strategy to bare as he demonstrates what it will take for hotels to come out the other side of the pandemic in a position capitalize on opportunities to grow market share.

A few of the topics we cover include:

  • What is currently happening in the market
  • The right message to be pushing as hotels start to reopen
  • How to compete against the marketing efforts of the big brands
  • Weak points in Sales and Marketing efforts that may have been masked by “the good times”

About Josh

Josh has built a dynamic 20-year hospitality career in commercial discipline leadership including domestic & international experience spanning select, full service, urban & upscale destination portfolios.

As a highly-skilled, motivated & entrepreneurial leader of commercial disciplines, he specializes in creating and implementing effective and cost-efficient commercial structures with a focus on longevity and ROI; expertise includes:

- Commercial discipline structure / restructure
- Team Building
- Sales and marketing leadership across all hospitality segments
- Revenue optimization and distribution
- Digital marketing and e-commerce

He has led award-winning sales teams through multiple recessionary market environments and is uniquely equipped to deliver leadership and results as we emerge from this shared hardship in 2020.

Website: https://www.heyhogan.com

LinkedIn: @joshuadhogan