May 19, 2021

180° Episode: The Cost of a Career in Hotel Management: Adam Knight, Knowing Hospitality

180° Episode: The Cost of a Career in Hotel Management: Adam Knight, Knowing Hospitality

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This is a different episode than normal. This week the mic is on the other side of the desk and I’m the one being interviewed.

I was recently a guest on Kyle Allison’s show, HospitalityMD. The interview originally appeared on his podcast a few weeks ago and our discussion resonated so well that I felt there was value in sharing it with you here.

Kyle wanted to dive into the cost of a career in hospitality, what it’s like rising through the ranks, how appearances can be deceiving and the cost of throwing 100% of yourself at your hotel, guests and brand.

Anyone who knows me will know that I’m way outside my comfort zone on this one. It’s a highly personal episode where we talk about working in luxury hospitality and lessons learned along the way that have shaped how I approach work, downtime and the things that truly matter in life today.

If you’ve spent any time working in the hospitality industry, are highly driven, or simply given yourself to your career, I hope there is something in our conversation that resonates with you and, maybe even helps you look at things a little differently.




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