Aug. 26, 2020

Operations Strategy and Running a Successful Restaurant: Shaun de Vries, Open Pantry Podcast

Operations Strategy and Running a Successful Restaurant: Shaun de Vries, Open Pantry Podcast

This is a different format from previous episodes. Shaun de Vries, founder of Open Pantry Consulting and host of the Open Pantry Podcast joins to do a co-interview / podcast with us. Shaun is a long time F&B professional and entrepreneur, working his way up from a bakers assistant to starting his company several years ago.

With his focus on the food and beverage and ours on hotels, we came together to discuss the current landscape in both industries, some ideas on how to cope with the difficulties many businesses are facing and where owners and managers should be putting their time and energy.

This is our longest episode to date and it was a a lot of fun to talk with Shaun. Let us know what you think of the format in the comments.

On this episode we discuss:

  • The current state of the hotel industry (13:25)
  • How hotels have reacted to the current situation (20:48)
  • The realities of running a restaurant today (23:58)
  • The current state of the restaurant industry (24:35)
  • How brands can be successful after this pandemic (31:54)
  • Can independent hotels survive (37:50)
  • Will hotel owners repurpose properties to be used for other purposes? (42:23)
  • Will there be more consolidation in the hotel industry? (44:40)
  • What’s with all the different hotel brands? (46:00)
  • How hotels can best prepare for the unknown (49:46)
  • What restaurants should be focused on right now (54:25)
  • Making the hard call to close your doors and move on, and the transferable skills hospitality pros bring to other industries (57:45)

About Shaun

Shaun, Open Pantry Co’s founder has been an industry leader in Melbourne’s hospitality industry for over 20 years. Shaun has been a venue owner himself, he knows the commitment, effort and experience required to develop a concept into an award-winning, and profitable venture. He also knows how to develop a process to get there that’s enjoyable and rewarding for all involved.

Today, Shaun hosts the Open Pantry Co Podcast an initiative set up in 2018, to give hospitality leaders a voice on an international platform. The insights shared by Shaun’s network of hospitality pros have helped thousands of people in the industry. With over 70 episodes so far, Shaun has interviewed big names such food writer Kara Irving, Nick Stone from Bluestone Lane Coffee, Mark Wright from Wham Consulting and hospitality expert, Frank Widen.

With the support and knowledge of Shaun, his team and Open Pantry Co’s partners, Open Pantry Co can quickly apply their organisation improvement model to ensure high-quality execution and operation of any food and beverage brand.


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