April 8, 2021

5 MORE Ways to Improve Service

5 MORE Ways to Improve Service

In an earlier post we explored 5 ways to improve service in your hotel. 

Today, travel is starting to come back, and occupancy is climbing. Guests are more demanding than ever as pent-up demand gives way to crowded lobby’s and overwhelmed staff. 

Being on top of every detail will ensure your logbook and online reviews aren’t filled with upset guests but where do you start with training your team now that you’re just trying to get through the day?

Well, we’re back exploring service improvement again with 5 MORE ways to take your service from average to great.

These are low barrier steps that you can take today that will dramatically improve the service in your hotel and ensure that you’re well positioned as occupancy spikes flatten and a busy summer travel season is in full swing.

  1. Open conversations with time-of-day greetings

  2. Be first to offer assistance instead of guests asking for it

  3. Avoid using jargon, “hotel terms” or language that is too casual

  4. Train, promote and foster empowerment

  5. Tailor your service delivery to the level that your guest wants to receive

Pair these with the first 5 steps to improve service and you’ve got 10 ways to engage your team members, wow your guests and create raving fans.


If you like this article but are struggling with consistency or simply can’t find the time to implement an improvement plan, here’s the next thing you can do. Get in touch with us for a free conversation about what you’re dealing with and we can strategize a solution together.