April 27, 2022

Can hotel operations be managed remotely?: Jason Lopez, Jurny

Can hotel operations be managed remotely?: Jason Lopez, Jurny

Jason is the Director of Sales at Junry, a hospitality tech company offering SaaS-based management solutions designed to accommodate the evolving needs and expectations of the modern traveler. 

What that means is they provide both tech solutions and staffing solutions covering operations, accounting and revenue management that allow you to focus on growing and refining your accommodations business. 

Discussions about outsourcing entire departments like Valet or Housekeeping have been happening for years but until recently, there wasn’t a strong case to be made for moving your front of house staff offsite; but with the changing dynamics in the market, those old objections may now be standing in the way of success.

On this episode, I had several instances where you can hear me considering the options and objections to making your Front Desk and Concierge team remote, but other than “this is the way we’ve always done it” thinking, I had a hard time finding an insurmountable reason why not to at least consider remote work for traditionally on-site positions at a hotel. And that’s exactly why I wanted to have Jason on the show; to explain the how and why and provide more context than simply hearing the discussion in your boardroom.

Whether you outsource to a third party or develop an in-house solution, this is a space that is undoubtedly going to get more attention. My hope is that you find this conversation, at the very least, thought provoking and even gives you some clarity around a traditionally off-limits discussion.

About Jason

Jason is an avid traveler and adventurer, and as such also has a tremendous passion for tourism and hospitality. At the top of his bucket list currently is Antarctica, partly to see the penguins and partly for the bragging rights of having visited every continent. 

Professionally, Jason is no stranger to tourism and hospitality. In 2013, Jason co-founded JCH Travel, a successful boutique travel agency in South Florida primarily focused on corporate travel both internationally and domestically. JCH still operates today with Jason serving as a chief advisor. 

In January of 2020, Jason began his journey into the vacation rental & short-term rental space with a European-based software company leading the expansion in the North American market where he helped grow the company footprint across the US, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean. 

In 2021, Jason accepted the role of Director of Sales at Jurny, the industry's first truly all-in-one hospitality management system enabling property managers and operators to focus on what matters most - guest experience and growing the business. 


Website: https://www.jurny.com