Feb. 3, 2021

Good to Great: Michael Tingsager, Hospitality Mavericks

Good to Great: Michael Tingsager, Hospitality Mavericks

Michael Tingsager is a good friend who I connected with a couple of years ago on his podcast, Hospitality Mavericks, and I continue to work with him through the Hospitality Game Changers group on Facebook.

This episode is a little different than typical shows because we’re talking about a book that we’re both passionate about.

Good to Great by Jim Collins has impacted both of our careers in more ways than we can count. We wanted to dive in to some of the concepts in the book and share a roadmap on how to take some of these principles and apply them to your personal and professional situation.

We try to connect much of what we talk about back to our own experiences so I hope you find this not only makes it more relatable but also actionable.

On this episode we discuss:

  • Why you should read this book (5:43)
  • What makes a good company great? (7:40)
  • Why we should be shifting focus from growth to impact (9:40)
  • It starts with discipline (19:00)
  • Level 5 leadership experience (20:12)
  • It’s about execution - first who then what (26:05)
  • You don’t have to be high up the career ladder to apply the principles in this book (42:20)
  • Pret-a-Manger’s hiring process and sustaining internal culture (47:18)
  • The hedgehog principle (52:18)

About Michael

I have been living and breathing the hospitality and restaurant industry from the day I was born, and I started working in my mum and dad’s small restaurant group in rural Denmark from an early age. I spent six years building a 20+ unit cafe chain in Denmark; +11 years working for McDonald’s Denmark and UK, and more than 8 years as a consultant working with brands across Europe. I'm also the Co-founder of The Bear Kitchen in London, which is a catering business delivering planet-friendly food into offices across London. Once a week I produce and host The Hospitality Maverick Podcast, which all about inspiring leaders to build businesses from the inside out - businesses that makes positive impact on their people, their community and the planet.


Good to Great by Jim Collins

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