Sept. 14, 2022

Growing a Hospitality Brand: Will Parry, ALTIDO

Growing a Hospitality Brand: Will Parry, ALTIDO

Will is the CEO and Director of ALTIDO, a company that manages Airbnbs, serviced apartments, hotels, and private residences across Europe.

This is a classic episode of intending to talk about one thing, and pivoting to discuss something totally different. As someone who has spent much more time in the short term rental space over the past couple of years, I’ve watched ALTIDO grow and become fascinated by their bootstrapped beginnings to become one of Europe's largest players. Having Will on the show felt like being able to talk with myself 5 years from now. 

We discuss growth, vision, knowing when and where to get out of your comfort zone and discuss resisting when everyone in your space is going one direction and decidedly going the other way.

People from all over hospitality are jumping into entrepreneurship, and whether you’re in short term rentals, hotels or a hospitality service provider, I hope that we touch on a point or two that speaks to what you may be going through right now and helps you figure out your next steps.

About Will

Will Parry graduated from Oxford University in 2010. He started his career in financial services at Matrix Group working on the renewable energy desk. Will left financial services to work in strategy consulting at McGrigor Group, a healthcare and insurance specialist based in London and Paris. After three years work in the corporate world, Will became a full time entrepreneur and successfully enrolled on to the New Entrepreneurs Foundation (NEF).

Whilst at the NEF, Will set up The London Residents Club (LRC) with an old friend, Tom Archer. They scaled the business via a key acquisition of a competitor, Somewhere Like Home and in 2019 LRC merged with three European entities to form ALTIDO where Will is currently CEO. In January 2022, DoveVivo acquired ALTIDO - Will remains as CEO and director of ALTIDO Ltd.



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