Dec. 8, 2021

The New Age of Leadership Agility: Vik Khokhar, Renaissance Milwaukee West Hotel

The New Age of Leadership Agility: Vik Khokhar, Renaissance Milwaukee West Hotel

Vik is the General Manager of the Renaissance Milwaukee West Hotel. The property opened in the relative early days of the pandemic, in Aug 2020.

Opening a hotel is never easy. Between operational, administrative and project management needs, it requires organization, focus, a great team and a clear set of guiding principles so that people have a leader they can trust. 

Values and culture are at the forefront of many discussions in hospitality today and Vik has very clear ideas on what it takes to turn theory into practice. 

In this is a tactical episode about leadership, Vik shares insight into bringing a new hotel to life, building the right team and the new ways of thinking about how work gets done.

About Vik

With more than two decades of industry experience in luxury and lifestyle hotels, Vik Khokhar has been appointed the General Manager to open Renaissance Milwaukee West. Born in New Delhi, Khokhar spent his early days in India before he relocated to the Netherlands to pursue a career in the hospitality business. He studied hospitality administration at the International School of Hospitality Management in Friesland and began his career with The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company in St. Louis, Mo., where he was recognized as "Leader of the Year" for his uncompromising commitment to quality and results. Most recently, Khokhar served as the Director of Hotel Operations of the Renaissance Chicago Downtown. Under his leadership, the hotel was recognized as "Hotel of the Year" in the Americas two years in a row due to stellar performance on all business priorities, including record-setting financial and guest satisfaction results. A resident of Wauwatosa since 2007, Khokhar looks forward to establishing the hotel as a revitalizing retreat within the community.