Feb. 10, 2021

Project Management Fundamentals: Cristiana Crin, Perpetuum Designs

Project Management Fundamentals: Cristiana Crin, Perpetuum Designs

Cristiana Crin is the founder of Perpetuum Designs, an interior design studio based in Chicago that works primarily in the hospitality and restaurant industries.

There was something that struck me when we initially spoke about doing an episode. When I asked Cristiana what Perpetuum Designs does, she responded with “We convert spaces into memorable experiences.” It’s this focus on the customer that creates alignment with the vision for a renovation and the outcome, and you can tell when it’s done right.

I wanted to dive into Cristiana’s design philosophy but the conversation turned to talk more about the project management process that she goes through. We all manage projects on a daily basis but there are methods and best practices that professionally trained project managers use that keep their work on the right track, delivered on time and all stakeholders happy through the process.

What was to be an interior design episode turned into a gold mine of ideas that you can use today to make a difference in your project management process.

One this episode we discuss:

  • What does Perpetuum Designs do? (6:08)
  • Example of mural inside Jibarito Stop restaurant that Cristiana is working on (7:35)
  • Explaining visual ideas to others (8:46)
  • Using imagery to present your vision (11:15)
  • Spending money wisely (15:05)
  • Lessons from project management certification vs self-learned project management skills (18:47)
  • How to get better organized (23:14)
  • How to get better at planning smaller projects that pop up every day (28:57)

About Cristiana

What we do? We convert spaces into memorable experiences.

We built a reputation for turning heads. When people walk into a space that we designed, they stop; they look around; they acknowledge that they are experiencing something different.

The first thing we need to understand is the importance of budget and time. It is equally as important as the design itself. For years we tested theories and possibilities to make sure we understand best what the combination of the two means, so we can educate our clients and give realistic expectations.

Now, we are convinced, that our design deliverables meet realistic accomplishments.

We work closely with architects and general contractors to ensure a successful execution of our design and our client is always informed of the progress.

Most importantly, we take pride in everything that we do!


Website: https://perpetuumdesigns.com

Instagram: @perpetuumdesigns

Jibarito Stop Restaurant: https://thejibaritostop.com


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