Dec. 29, 2021

The Best of 2021: Tactics and Habits of Hospitality Insiders and World-Class Performers

The Best of 2021: Tactics and Habits of Hospitality Insiders and World-Class Performers

Year 2 of the show is officially in the books and what a year it’s been!

Going into 2021, I’m sure everyone hoped that the pandemic would not be the big story, but that turned out not to be the case. That said, what turned out to be more interesting to me are the societal and cultural shifts in approaches to work and what people value. Time will tell if this will continue to hold true but I’m fascinated by the monumental change and it’s hard to see how things can go back to how they once were.

The show has also grown tremendously this year and thanks to your support, we’re closing in on 100 episodes. This should happen sometime mid-2022 and it’s a milestone I never thought we’d hit. I’m working on something special for this - you’ll know all about it once plans come together.

A few fun 2021 facts about the show - we’ve released over 40 episodes this year with nearly 35 hours of content. The top listenership in order is the US, Canada, India, UK and the Netherlands… with several other countries very close behind the top 5. 

As for this past year, there were far too many great moments on the show to count but I’ve tried to pull together some clips that resonated with me and that received great feedback from listeners. From Marketing to Diversity and Inclusion, we had some incredible thought leaders whose insights and persp

Highlights from the "best of" show include:


  • Anthony Lazzara - Ep 60 (spending against OTAs)

Staffing and Recruiting

  • Heather Myers - Ep 49 (Attracting new entrants to hospitality / COVID changes to the workforce)


  • Ken Merkel - Ep 59 (What was learned during the pandemic that no longer works)
  • Stephanie Coradin - Ep 42 (How to engage an intergenerational workforce)


  • Andreas King-Geovanis - Ep 69 (Values and defining a service philosophy)

Diversity and Inclusivity in Hospitality

  • Daniel Poulin - Ep 43 (Unconscious bias and how to measure diversity efforts)
  • Kirs Jay - Ep 51 (The power of language)
  • Dave Bahr - Ep 70 (Getting over fear and asking questions about peoples needs)

Thank you for your support over the past year. Thank you for continuing to listen each week, and thank you for sticking with me as we bring the show into the new year.

On that note - Happy new year to you and all the best in 2022.