Dec. 2, 2020

The Hotel of Tomorrow: Ron Swidler, The Gettys Group

The Hotel of Tomorrow: Ron Swidler, The Gettys Group

While many people pontificate on what’s to come in the hotel industry, Ron Swidler, CIO at The Gettys Group, has pulled dozens of industry leaders together (several times) to ideate and innovate on the design and operational challenges for today's and tomorrow's guests and quite literally, create the future of hospitality.

He’s the Chief Innovation Officer at The Gettys Group, a hotel design and development company, and his latest venture saw the relaunch of the Hotel of Tomorrow project; an industry-leading think tank re-envisioning the future of hospitality in light of the pandemic.

The result has been breakthrough ideas that were contributed and shaped by a wide range of experts from around the world, all done through digital workshops.

This is a highly visual episode. Ron shares a presentation that outlines how the hotel of tomorrow project was put together and the concepts that rose to the top as part of this major collaborative effort.

I think we do a good job of describing whats on the screen, but if want to see everything we discuss, head over to the show’s YouTube channel (The Proven Principles Podcast).

On this episode we discuss:

  • Are we qualified to answer the questions that are being asked to being back the hospitality industry? (4:32)
  • The Hotel of Tomorrow project - what it is and how it came together (7:00)
  • Using for large scale database management and project work (15:48)
  • The new deconstructed food & beverage solution (26:57)
  • Where is the innovation going to come from? (32:18)
  • The evolution of the hotel sleep experience - Bed XYZ (34:48)
  • Inside out, outside in - what is biophilia? (39:16)
  • The Journey Pebble - owning and controlling our own data (41:47)
  • The roving hotel (44:08)

About Ron

Since joining The Gettys Group as its first hire in 1988 - an Interior Designer, Brand Strategist and intrepreneur - Ron has pioneered new approaches to experience design and collaboration. His latest venture was relaunching Hotel of TomorrowTM Project, an industry-leading think tank reenvisioning the future of hospitality in light of the pandemic. The result has been breakthrough ideas, contributed and shaped from around the world, all through digital workshops.


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