A Humanist View of Hospitality: David Martin, Humanist Hospitality

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David is the COO of Humanist Hospitality, a hotel management company born during the pandemic that has been working hard to infuse new thinking into the human connections at the heart of the hotel industry.

Their goal from the start was to flip the status quo on the employee lifecycle, bringing in meaningful benefits, training and development opportunities to aid those workers who helped the company survive the pandemic and to entice those who either left or are thinking about a career in the industry.

This is a discussion happening all over but I wanted to dive deeper than just talking about higher pay and signing bonuses. We’re all trying to figure out what the next version of a hospitality career looks like but in spite of all the unknown, you can bet that putting more emphasis on employee relations is what the winning companies will be doing.

About David

As COO of Humanist Hospitality, David Martin provides leadership and strategic vision through operational, managerial and administrative procedures.

Martin has enjoyed a versatile career of thirty years in hospitality, in which the past eleven years were spent in a President or COO role. His portfolio comprises several types of hospitality organizations from four star boutique hotels with Kimpton Hotels to receiverships/lender owned assets with Prism Hotels & Resorts. With a record of strategic leadership, he has been the driving force behind innovative processes to optimize productivity and create sustained growth.


Website: www.humanisthospitality.com
Facebook: @humanisthospitality
Instagram: @humanisthospitality


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