Challenging the Hospitality Status Quo: Kris Intress, Rock Springs Retreat Center

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Kris’ entrepreneurial background started with her first business at 17, she eventually joined the Army, moved overseas opening several restaurants and bars along the way, bought and turned around a hospitality technology company and became the CEO of WorldHotels.

She’s now the Founder & CEO Rock Springs Retreat Center in Tennessee, an exclusive 24-room retreat that helps people refocus on the benefits of good habits, a positive outlook, fitness, food and connections with others.

The retreat was inspired by her own struggles with balancing work demands and her own wellbeing - something that those working in the hospitality industry know all too well - and through it all, she’s bucked traditional views on leadership in our industry, doing more than simply talking about it, but practicing it everyday.

What I appreciate about her message is that whether it’s due to a lack of self awareness, ego or myopic behavior, we’re the ones who place ourselves in unsustainable situations, and we have the power to change our circumstances by cultivating the right support system.

About Kris
Rock Springs Retreat Center was founded by Kris Intress, a mother, entrepreneur, Army Reservist, and former CEO of a global luxury hotel company.

As a corporate executive that struggled to find time for her own health, she realized her career was taking over the need to prioritize her wellbeing. She watched her parents struggle with obesity their entire lives. After Kris lost her mother, she decided to help people take control of and transform their lives.

When creating Fit Farm at Rock Springs, Kris was inspired by her husband’s family, generations of farmers. Farm life provided natural opportunities to eat fresh foods and be active. She created a place where everyone could experience eating well, being active and experiencing the natural beauty of eliminating the noise around us.

On top of her already impressive career, Kris is a certified personal trainer and a former athlete. She has an MBA from the Northwestern Kellogg School of Management.



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