Making The Right Decisions About Hotel Technology: Denis Severyuk, HotelFriend (Full Episode)

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With all the renewed interest in hotel technology, especially with contactless solutions, having Denis on the show to discuss the process of choosing and implementing new tech into your hotel as well as some of the hurdles and pitfalls to be aware of is very timely.

This is a huge subject and we could probably do two or three episodes on it but Denis does a great job of outlining the issues that his platform and others are trying to solve, and what decision makers should be looking at before making a final call on which platforms to bring in to their property.

Denis speaks with hoteliers all over the world, and in spite of the issues facing our industry it was great to hear that no matter where you're located, we’re all dealing with the same set of challenges.

On this episode we discuss:
- The issues that hotel technology should be trying to solve (11:33)
- What are some of the technology pain points that need to be addressed in the hotel industry (17:23)
- Integration of legacy tech and the new disruptors (26:17)
- The barriers to brining in various technology solutions (aside from price) and how to overcome them (34:00)
- Looking down the road - the future of hotel technology (45:27)

About Denis

Denis is the CEO of HotelFriend and has a PhD in Business Informatics from the University of Leipzig in Leipzig, Germany. As part of his degree, he analyzed the extreme programming software development methodology which is intended to improve software quality and responsiveness to changing customer requirements.

His travels led him to realize that there are many optimization options within the hotel industry, beginning with helping people find the right place to sleep, the right facilities to meet their needs,. and how to manage guest requests. This ultimately resulted in the creation of HotelFriend, a software company that creates solutions for hotels and guests.


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- Guest Concierge App:
- Funding program for German hoteliers:
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