Myra Creighton - On the Law and Mandating Masks (audio only)

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On this episode we discuss the current debate and legal climate on mandating mask usage in hotels with Myra Creighton, Partner at the Atlanta office of Fisher Phillips. She also shares advice on how to deal with the conflicting information out there to ensure you, your guests and employees are safe as hotels operate in this new environment.

Myra shares great stories and illustrates how the current debate over businesses mandating mask usage is at their discretion. She also discusses ADA implications, hotels denying service and how to deal with the conflicting rules among various government jurisdictions.

While we focus on US laws, the information we cover will surely spark thoughts and plans if you operate a hotel in another country.

Some of the points on this episode include::

How hotels approach the (sometimes contradictory) regulations by different government bodies? (6:23)

Can hotels perform health inquiries on guests? (11:32)

Do employees have a valid claim if they get COVID at work? (18:10)

Can guests sue you if they get sick at your hotel? (18:59)

Are those “face mask exempt” cards real? (20:10)

Advice to employees who get caught between enforcing company policy and guests who refuse to wear a mask? (24:33)

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About Myra

Myra Creighton is a partner in the Atlanta office of Fisher Phillips, one of the country’s preeminent labor and employment law firms representing employers. She helps clients navigate their obligations to employees under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), ensuring their policies and procedures are consistent with both these laws and defending clients against employee claims alleging violations of the ADA and FMLA. Currently, Myra is a member of Fisher Phillips’ COVID-19 Taskforce, a cross-disciplinary team of attorneys dedicated to advising employers on the many workplace law aspects of the global coronavirus pandemic. To learn more, visit

You can get in touch with Myra through Fisher Phillips ( or email her at

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