Optimizing Revenue Management Through AI: Fabian Bartick, Infinito / IVI (AUDIO ONLY)

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Fabian Bartnick is the Founder of Infinito, a technology company dedicated to improving the work-life balance of hotel managers through IVI, a personal revenue management assistant.

Rates, occupancy and market share are at the heart of many hotel business conversations right now but because everything is so uncertain at the moment, I asked Fabian on the show to talk about new ways of looking at and interpreting data. He gives us visibility on where the practice of revenue management is going, shows us how to make better decisions about hotel performance and why we shouldn’t leave this critical function to chance.

This was a really interesting discussion - We’re looking in to the future on this episode!

On this episode we discuss:
- IVI, revenue optimization, data visualization and behavior change (6:37)
- Habits exist in business too - why it’s beneficial to break out of them (10:30)
- Why revenue management has become so difficult (14:40)
- Rate recommendations vs. behavioral change (16:58)
- Does RevPAR Index mean anything? Is it just a vanity metric? (21:48)
- How do you price when there’s no demand? (24:27)
- Fighting confirmation bias in decision making (26:07)
- Looking ahead: the evolution of revenue management (31:14)

About Fabian

Fabian is the Founder of Infinito, a technology company with the vision of becoming the google assistant of revenue management through IVI – a virtual Revenue Management Assistant. He previously was the Vice President of Asia Pacific & International business at LodgIQ overlooking all commercial aspects internationally as well as operations across APAC. Prior he was the Director of Global Revenue Generation at Tune Hotels Group encompassing Sales, Distribution, Business Analytics, Revenue Management and the Central Reservations Office.

Having lived and worked across 4 continents, Fabian has a rich history in hospitality and a thorough understanding of the global revenue optimization landscape as a user, builder and seller of technology.

Fabian has successfully turned around revenue performance in many companies by providing strategic consulting services in over 25 countries as well developing powerful revenue analytics solutions that empower the business to maximize its revenue potential. Fabian has been on the Board of Directors for HSMAI South East Asia and currently sits on the HSMAI Revenue Advisory Board.


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/fabianbartnick/


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