The Experience is The Answer: Dominique Pibia-de Groot, DG Hospitality

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Dominique Pibia-de Groot is the owner of DG Hospitality, a Dutch company that trains hospitality teams to create memorable experiences and advises organizations within the hospitality industry how they can improve their customer journey.

When we were discussing doing this episode, our conversation turned to the state of hotel and restaurant openings as pandemic restrictions are lifted and whether or not businesses should in fact reopen at 100% when they’re allowed to do so.

A robust discussion became a full show about customer service, creating emotional and practical experiences and working with limited resources.
At the end of the day, we find that focusing on the fundamentals will see us through the next year or more as we get back to normal life.

On this episode we discuss:
- How to measure ROI with employee training (5:33)
- Using the senses to create emotional engagement (6:49)
- Low barrier actions that business should be focused on right now (11:38)
- The benefits of defining your customer personas (15:12)
- How customer service and customer expectations have changed through the pandemic (17:44)
- Is an emotional experience or practical experience more important? (25:18)

About Dominique
I am a very passionate guest experience educator and it’s my mission to make hospitality more beautiful for guests and employees. I have worked in several management positions within the industry. From a five star boutique hotel to a prestigious golf course, restaurants and events. With my own company, DG Hospitality, I train hospitality teams creating a memorable experience and I advise organizations within the hospitality industry how they can improve their customer journey with maximum ROI.

My motto: making guest experience work!



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