The Rise of Hybrid Hotels: Andreas King-Geovanis, Sextant Stays

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Andreas is the founder of Sextant, a Miami based Short Term Rental management company that is changing what not only guests can expect from a serviced apartment, but what hotel professionals can expect from the rapid evolution and iteration going on in the hospitality industry.

Sextant isn’t a one off manager of Airbnb homes, they take over entire buildings, permitting them as hotels, staffing them with Valets and Housekeepers, acquiring liquor licenses and use telepresence front desk agents. If you wanted to get a look at what many hotels of the future will look like, this is very likely it.

Andreas gives us look at how the company came to be, their service philosophy, staffing and retention approach, their target market and what’s next for this innovative company.

About Andreas

Andreas King-Geovanis graduated from the University of Miami with a President's Scholarship and degrees in Economics and Environmental Science. He saw an opportunity in a historically weak job market and depressed housing values, and went into business for himself, purchasing his first property months after graduation. He founded Sextant in 2015 and has been at the forefront of the Miami vacation rental industry. Andreas has traveled to 40+ countries, was previously a nationally ranked fencer, and hopes to run his first marathon next year in Antarctica.

Recent Press

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