The Surprise Restaurant Manager: Ken McGarrie, Korgen Hospitality

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Ken is the author of The Surprise Restaurant Manager, a book about the tools needed to master the unexpected challenges managers face every day. 

And those challenges are mounting. Whether it’s the inability to fill open positions, a lack of internal resources, finding new customers, or expanding initiatives, this new business climate is stretching business owners, managers and teams in more ways than ever before. 

We expand on discussions from the book and discuss a wide range of topics from how to avoid burnt out, working with strong personalities, delivering and handling criticism and the idea that self promotion is self preservation. We really try to give insight on leadership and personal responsibility by teasing out actionable and tactical points that could help with your current situation.

About Ken
Surprise –you’re in charge now!Steady money and new opportunities awaited as you moved up from server or bartender to front-of-house manager. But too often, restaurant management find themselves leading with minimal training, aton of responsibilities, and no clue how to improve. You’ve run the Friday night rush, you’ve juggled expectations of staff and guests -- but have you figured out how to improve while keeping the restaurant profitable?

In The Surprise Restaurant Manager, learn from Ken McGarrie, a restaurant operator who has helped launch dozens of successful restaurants, as he gives you the tools to master the unexpected challenges managers face every day. 

Get help on the fly with real-life examples, straightforward strategies, and expert insight to better leadership. This is your guide to restaurant industry success beyond basic food knowledge and inventory counts.

You’ll learn: How to locate quality candidates and interview effectively, including eight signs you shouldn’t extend an offer — from subtle clues to outright red flags.Tips on ways to support your staff during challenging situations and how to use genuine suggestions to develop more effective hospitality skills. Common communication mistakes that guarantee FOH turnover and increase work stress -- and how to avoid them. Proven steps to upgrade your table touch and salvage every negative guest experience, including guaranteed methods to improve your restaurant’s online reviews. How to embrace blunt criticism, work effectively with strong personalities, and avoid professional burnout.Success as a restaurant manager is a constant quest to level up your game and your team – without sacrificing your sanity along the way. 

Get The Surprise Restaurant Manager now for the advice you needed – before you got the keys!

Book: The Surprise Restaurant Manager Book


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